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The role of Bank of England and update of the current economic climate- Cranfield Event

Date & Time: 23/01/2020 8:30 am - 10:30 am | Location: Cranfield Eagle Lab

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The Bank of England (BoE) is the central bank of the United Kingdom, and a model bank onto which most central banks around the world are built. Since its inception in 1694, the bank has grown from being private bank that lent money to the government, to the official Central Bank of the United Kingdom. This briefing will be about the role BoE and an update of the current economic climate.

Come and hear from Patrick Campbell, the Deputy Agent at our South East and East Anglia Agency. Patrick has worked at the Bank of England since 1999.

Before he became an agent in October 2018, Patrick mainly worked on our Foreign Exchange Desk (“the FX Desk”), which manages the UK’s reserves of foreign currency and gathers market intelligence. His work for the FX Desk included briefing senior Bank and Treasury staff on financial market reactions to major event.

We invite you to join us for a morning dedicated to discussing some of the latest updates on the current economic climate and have the opportunity to hear from a leading expert.

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