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Bedford Bricks Launch

Date & Time: 20/01/2020 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm | Location: Bedford Heights

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Calling all Bedford Businesses

Bedford is one of those towns looking to re-invent itself as the high street evolves into something new. The independent businesses are doing their share but more is necessary. How can we work together, drive footfall to everyone’s benefit and create a higher profile for the town?

Your business may be based in Bedford but does that bring it any benefits? Is there anything going on in the town that you tie into your marketing campaigns? We are all looking for new ways of positioning our businesses to appeal to wider audiences and wed our existing clients even closer to our products. As every day passes this becomes more challenging.

Bedford Bricks Limited brings you an idea that satisfies all these needs. We present an opportunity for you to create interest in how you interact with your home town. Something that capitalizes on the strengths of this market town and something unique to Bedford.

Be in the room with representatives from the many different Bedford communities on Monday 20 January 2020 at 6pm at Bedford Heights. 

This may be the first time that there has been a meeting of the property community with the vision to use their assets, business sponsors who want to be associated with a unique twelve month marketing campaign and develop it for themselves, the artists drawing on the inspiration of the diverse community to engage with the town’s inhabitants and community leaders.

There will be bubbles and canapes but more importantly an opportunity for you to hear more and interrogate the whole idea. Please join us – RSVP, 07868 958576

We will bring an urban arts festival to the town between 3 and 5 July. This will be three days of walls being painted by carefully selected artists in front of the public. Walls may be external or internal; hoardings in vacant shop windows are a possibility. These carefully curated artworks will then make Bedford a town of painted walls that commemorate the history, the diversity and the different cultural traditions of the town. There will be a series of walking tours for everyone to take in all the exhibits in the festival and these will go on throughout the following twelve months until we do it all again. Here is a taste of what we could produce. Download the link

We offer you the opportunity to sponsor one of these exhibits, to associate your brand with a stunning piece of art. It will not be the advertisement on a billboard or a sign on a roundabout that soon becomes invisible. It will be an individual piece of art and will attract many different audiences. It will become part of your marketing story, providing you with content for the entire year. You could use it in many ways and we can help you with that too. Most of all it gives you a unique edge against your competitors and numerous social media opportunities.